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The Austin Armadillo/Dillo Connection

'Dillo Web Designs is the result of an Austin, Texas, dream based, family owned and operated web design, redesign, maintenance, and computer repair and maintenance enterprise.

The nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus), was not native to Texas but started migrating here about the time Texas entered the United States (1845). It's about the size of a large cat, about two and a half feet in length and weighing around twelve to seventeen pounds. Armadillos mate in late summer or early autumn and give birth to identical quadruplets in the spring. Armadillos adapt easily to their situations by surviving and reproducing in a variety of habitats. Though not the official state mammal, in 1981 the armadillo was declared the official state mascot by executive decree. (Source: Larry L. Smith & Robin W. Doughty, The Amazing Armadillo, Austin: University of Texas Press, 1984.)

Armadillos and Austin, Texas have been connected for many years. Austin has a reputation as a hotbed of innovation for artists and musicians. That reputation was nurtured by the Armadillo World Headquarters, which opened its doors in August 1970. You can read more about the history of the Armadillo World Headquarters here.

Out of all the Armadillo World Headquarters tradition, a uniquely Austin market-place grew up and you can still visit the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar during the Christmas season to have a downright Austin-tateous time; listening to live music, enjoying refreshing libations, viewing and possibly purchasing some of the most unusual, handmade, artistic, and personalized gifts for the important people in your life, all for a modest ticket price.

The Texas State Historical Association has an "Handbook of Texas Online" which is a great starting place to search out almost anything or you might want to know about Texas.  To go directly to the site's search page, click here for the Handbook's Search Page to find other articles about Texas.  You can read more about Armadillos here.

Austin is a fantastic place to live and is striving to always improve. Austin used to have an entire line of trolleys retrofitted into a special set of free busses, called 'Dillos, that used to circle the entire downtown area. Capital Metro is currently phasing out those 'Dillos busses, but Dillo Web Designs is NOT being phased out, so don't worry, you can still get great service from us!

You can find information about the City of Austin from their official site or the great State of Texas from their official site.